You can enter your "Tinyportal > Manage articles" section and create unlimited categories & subcategories for all of your articles. For each category you create, you can choose your sorting options, which membergroups have access to that category, the article layout, and how many articles to display per page just to name a few.

After that, take a look at your "Articles > Settings" page and decide if you want to show a category icon, or even hide the quick edit link under each article.

If you keep browsing, you will also find a "Articles > Submission" page. Here you will find options to select which membergroups can submit an article. Once your users begin writing articles, their submission will appear on this page for approval before it can actually be viewed by other users.

The types of articles are HTML, PHP, BBC, Imported, or External pages that can be added to your site. Every article carries with it the options to display views, blocks, date, author, avatar, and or linktree. It even has additional options such as what theme it should be viewed in, no theme at all, ratings, and/or user comments.

Unlike forum topics, articles can be whole pages of information, stories, or even scripts to suit your needs. You can decide which panels & blocks you want to show with it, and even show links to other article categories or articles. With this kind of flexibility, you can set up a professional looking site in no time...


All users can submit articles if the admin has given permission for the user to do so. Permissions are given on a membergroup basis.

Assuming you have permissions to write articles you'll often find the links to do so within the userbox block. If the site you are using does not have a userbox, you can always find a list of all your written articles within your "Profile > TinyPortal > Articles". From here you can submit new articles or even edit your already existing articles.

When submitting an article, you must fill in the title & body to suit your needs. Afterwards, the article submitted needs approval by the admin or the admin's article moderation team before it can be viewed by the public, unless otherwise set by the admin. All visual options such as panel use, the theme it is displayed in, and other statistics are controlled by the admin or his/her team. All currently non-active articles will give an error when viewed, and are also marked in italic style. Articles not yet approved yet are likewise marked with surrounding parentheses around the title within the subject area...

Through the use of plugins, other article options may be added. You will find any of the changes/settings located in your "Profile > TinyPortal > Articles > Settings".

This is a summary. For the complete documentation, please browse our Article Documentation.