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Presentation Template - Please read it First


Aiming to better identification of members / car logbook, please follow the following presentation template:


Name: Pedro Silva
Birth Year: 1983
Localization: Alfena
How did you met SAABsPortugal: Facebook
What you like more in SAAB: Power e design
SAAB Mods: none
SAAB model: 9000
Model year: 1988

After presentation you can:
- Post some pics of your SAAB.
- use this topic to write your car logbook with all important information

Following this template will always make easier to help the member with any questions. Example, about workshops near the residence, unscheduled meetings or even physically assist the member.

If there is no interest to share some data requests, please leave that specific field blank.

For those who create new presentation / logbook, you can copy the following text and fill in your respective new topic:

Birth Year:
How did you met SAABsPortugal:
What you like more in SAAB:
SAAB Mods:
SAAB model:
Model year:

If you already made a presentation / logbook we ask to change it in order to follow this template.



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